Cars Used for Teaching

I offer three cars to suit the various needs of my clients  which are carefully chosen by me to give drivers a choice. They are not the cheapest, they are not the most common or those with the most street-cred, but my experience has shown they are the best to help you achieve your aim of getting that full licence. They all come from the Toyota stables and have the  Yaris 1.3 VVT petrol engine which gives great flexibility. As they are designed as Right Hand Drive cars, they do not have the problems encountered by some European cars which are designed as Left Hand Drive and then converted to suit British driving conditions. As they  are Japanese cars, they are of course reliable. 

Daihatsu Sirion Automatic with incredibly easy steering and  turning circle + electric mirrors and air con.

If you are only going to need to drive your car for social, domestic and pleasure purposes then you probably need the simplest method available. You are free to choose and if you are not going to drive cars for a business or  you are having difficulties, then I would advise you to first choose an automatic.  I always put my thinking into an educational context. If you were struggling, would you be expected to take A level before GCSE when you  could easily succeed if you followed the natural progression and studied the other way round?  Would you  be recommended  to take GCSE only after struggling and failing at A level?    Of course not, we start with the easiest first and then build and develop our skills if and when required. You are not a worse person if you have not taken A level first, you have just taken a different path. I therefore offer a similar progression by  always teaching people on the automatic to begin with. This enables learners  to immediately feel in control and so lose their fear which is essential to good, progressive learning.  I have had five Sirions and not only have they all been sold to clients but others clients have also purchased that model when I have not had one available.

Toyota Yaris Manual with excellent gearbox and “forgiving” engine + electric mirrors and air con.

When the learner feels they are confident with traffic systems and control I will then, if they require,  introduce them to  the gears on  my manual car. I used to have identical cars to make this transition as smooth as possible, but I have found that when this stage has been reached,  the transition is usually easy, so I chose the best car for the purpose. Sometimes clients can change after two or three lessons, others will take longer and some will decide to pass on the automatic before attempting the manual. What they want is a licence and freedom to choose how to live the rest of their lives.   I provide them with that choice rather than only providing the ONE WAY  system  which often leads to failure. Again some of my clients have purchased the Yaris.

Toyota Yaris Verso Auto providing upright seating with incredible visibility + electric mirrors and air con.

Yes it is true the Yaris Verso is rarely seen as an instructor’s car, probably because it is more expensive to buy and run, but I believe it is one of the best cars on the market to cater for DISABILITY  and the older driver and why I converted mine with hand controls, steering ball, and  easy-release handbrake.

These can be either removed or ignored for those who do not require them.   Daphne so loves this car that I have difficulty in prising it away from her when I need it for business. Why is it such a great car?

Upright seating, easy entry, huge rear window for reversing and large van size electric door mirrors     to aid reversing for those who find it difficult, room to easily fit a wheelchair or buggy, a wonderful torque converter gearbox which does not roll back providing  flexibility with  control.  I am holding on to this car for the present, but my clients have also purchased  other Versos.  Sadly Toyota have discontinued importing this model and it will be difficult to find a suitable replacement.

I believe that it is essential that any car used for the instruction of people with problems is fitted with easy control  Electric Door Mirrors to aid reversing;  Air-con to prevent condensation;  easy Power Assisted Steering; good Turning Circle ;  Flexible engine to forgive minor gear mistakes or an Automatic ; Upright Seating to provide excellent visibility and of course  Dual controls.