Useful Articles

The following are articles which have either been written by me or have been written about the work I have done. I hope you find them interesting. Some have been edited by the editors of  the publications so maybe are not totally what I submitted and some are in answer to specific situations. As always I would welcome any feedback. I actually believe that ADIs would be valued more in society if  we took a greater interest in local transport issues and became more professionally proactive.

I am particularly interested in automatics, road markings, the elderly and the disabled and so will usually comment from my experience on issues which are raised in the local press especially if in my opinion they give a biased viewpoint concerning these matters.   Thankfully not everyone agrees with my views, but I have never found it detrimental to my work and not only have I had interesting contacts but I regularly get people who phone me to say -

 “a few years ago you wrote an article about disability and I have kept it on my mantle piece until my son/daughter was old enough to learn to drive.”

 “ a few years ago you wrote a letter about teaching the elderly to drive. I kept it in my drawer and my husband has passed away so now I want  to learn to drive.”

 “my son/daughter  thinks I drive too fast so having read your views, I would like your opinion.”  (90 year old)

 “my family thinks I should give up driving! Do you think you can help me to continue safely for a bit longer?”

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Frequently Asked Questions - In these pages you will find answers to a few of the questions that are regularly asked by driv