Number Plate Reading Difficulty

Q - I find it difficult to read a number plate at the required distance. What should I do about it ?

A    The distance you have to read a number plate is one required by law. Unfortunately it is not a flexible requirement and if you cannot do it you will not be allowed to take the test.  The examiner normally gives you  three attempts ; a general one, then a specific one looking directly at the plate and finally a  measured direct attempt. If you have not been successful after three attempts, the test will be terminated.

Stress can cause distortion to the eyes so make sure your eyes are tested and glasses replaced if necessary before the test. Make sure you are rested before test and book a test in the morning before your eyes get tired.

Check the stability  of any problem which may affect  your eyesight such as diabetes.

If you cannot read or identify the letters or numbers you can write them down or point to a sheet with the corresponding letters and numbers. Occasionally owing to perceptual problems the accurate identification presents problems. Tinted lenses have been known to help make the letters more distinct.

Unfortunately a letter from an optician or a psychologist cannot overrule this (rather crude unscientific)  law.  New Style Plate at 20 metres in good daylight.       (approx 20 kerb stones)