DRIVING IS turning Disability into ABILITY

This book addresses HOW those with difficulties have OVERCOME their problems to become successful drivers.

I hope it will be of interest to:

  • Learners who know they have a Specific Need.
  • Learners who do not understand why they are struggling.
  • Driving Instructors and those Training to become ADIs.
  • ADIs who wish to discover a different approach for their CPD.
  • Successful clients who have benefited from my methods.
  • Drivers who have lost confidence through illness, accident or ageing.
  • Medics who require on-road assessments and advice.
  • Support workers whose clients need help.

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Front Cover of John's second book.When the validity of my approach became recognised, instructors, medics and support workers referred clients who needed help. I am surprised how many ADIs feel unable to provide for specific needs and it has been my aim to raise awareness that most learners can be successful if only they are understood and provided with the appropriate means to facilitate their learning. I wrote Driving is turning Disability into Ability to help those who are ‘disabled’ through a lack of opportunities.          

Many instructors fear stepping outside the traditional methods, but the introduction of Continuous Professional Development courses has stimulated interest and I decided to write down some of the experiences I have had with those with Specific Needs, not from an academic approach, but from a practising instructor’s point of view.

I was asked by one of my elderly drivers how I started to write. I realised that I wrote down what my clients actually said and this book is a distillation of numerous comments I have listened to and situations I have observed. In many ways it is their book, articulated by me.  I hope you will read these examples with not only a sense of joy and admiration at what has been achieved, but also a renewed desire and determination to take control and succeed for yourself. If you are being taught inappropriately for you, then I hope it will give you the knowledge, courage and confidence to change the way you are being taught and I will be pleased if it stimulates instructors to discover a fresh understanding to meet the needs of their clients who present with problems.