Special Needs Theory

This can be an area of great difficulty for some clients with specific special needs in that whilst they understand the facts, they may have problems understanding the subtleties of the  questions. Whilst this test can be seen as discriminatory,  we nevertheless have to accept it as the rule. In extreme cases I will teach the client in their home just for theory, but often a helper, teacher or parent may be available to help. The most extreme case I had was a good reader who knew the answers, but did not understand the way the questions  were phrased. His mother persisted with him and in the end he passed after 24 attempts and went on to pass his practical first time. In no way did his lack of academic prowess  indicate he was not perfectly safe to drive.      

Dyslexia and other reading problems are catered for by extra time being available and the question being listened to on the Head Phones.