Book 2 Reviews

I received your new book and I'm speechless!!!! This book is TOTALLY AMAZING.  Wow!! How do you do that?  I can definitely relate to a lot of what you've said. It will be good for everyone to read not just learners or ADi's. The DSA must read it, instructors should be told to read it as part of their training package.

Whether you are learning, new to, or even been driving for years....this book will help. Why? Because somewhere deep down everyone "knows" someone with a disability like Dyslexia or Dyspraxia This is an "eyeopener" and I will be reading it cover to cover!!

This book needs to be promoted and to be sold worldwide, seriously.
Excellent book....What’s next? (E)


Probably the country’s foremost Specific Needs instructor and a regular contributor to ‘Driving Instructor’, John Brown needs no introduction to those lucky enough to be familiar with his work.

“Driving is Turning Disability into Ability” may not be the snappiest title on the shelf, but it’s a typically positive one from a man who has tirelessly worked and campaigned on behalf of people for whom driving represents not just a modern convenience but a potentially life transforming skill.

The book is a sequel to his highly well received “Driving is more about Psychology than Systems“.

John says of the new book, “my wife calls the first book the Old Testament as it is my beliefs and how I arrived at them and the new book is the New Testament as it is about the successful outworking of those beliefs in people’s lives”. We could not have put it better ourselves, John!

Full of demonstrative and often amusing anecdotes drawn directly from John’s teaching experiences, and written with his now customary flair, the book makes enlightening and surprisingly entertaining reading.

Another inspirational text from an inspirational teacher, who continues patiently to chip away at the old accepted dogmas by offering genuinely fresh thinking and hope to those most in need of it. It should be required reading for all ADIs.                                   

Driving Instructor. Dec/Jan 2010