Automatic Cars

Q - Why would you recommend using an automatic car when the driver can cope with the gears ?

A - If the driver can cope with the gears and the traffic, then I would recommend they take their test on a manual and it is then their choice as to which they use for their daily transport, but  many drivers struggle to concentrate safely on the traffic as well as the gears, particularly at roundabouts. Therefore they need to make one of these processes easier for their brain to cope with. As they cannot change the traffic, I suggest they remove the stress of gears, clutch, clutch control and  the fear of stalling or rolling backwards. When,  through experience, they can cope with the traffic, then they can choose to return to the gears. Multitasking v Focus are  great problems  for some drivers. The brain is like a computer which can crash given too much information input. Break it down into easier manageable stages and the brain may then be able to cope. The primary result is reduced stress, which leads to better concentration, smoother driving and greater safety.  That is my aim.