Frequently Asked Questions

In these pages you will find answers to a few of the questions that are regularly asked by drivers with a disability. If you cannot find the answer to your question, please contact me at

I was planning to develop this site, but instead I have written the book which covers many of my views as to why many people struggle to drive. 

Disclaimer -  I have no medical training and the advice given here is totally from my own observations and experience. I would welcome the input from any professional who can amplify the reasons for my findings.

Automatic Cars - Why would you recommend using an automatic car when the driver can cope with the gears ?  

Heavy Drinking Fit - I  had some sort of fit after heavy drinking.  Am I safe to drive ?  

Losing Concentration - I  sometimes lose concentration whilst driving.  Am I fit to drive ?  

Number Plate Reading Difficulty - I find it difficult to read a number plate at the required distance. What should I do about it ?  

Parkinson's Disease - If a person has the beginnings of Parkinson’s disease but needs to continue to drive,  what would you recommend ?