Book 4 Contents

Contents of: Driving is challenging and important for older drivers

Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. Koreisha Mark

Chapter 3. Driving when over 70

Chapter 4. Challenging Questions

Chapter 5. Looking for potential in the older driver

Chapter 6. Do I need to report my Condition?

Chapter 7. Driving Ability Assessment Report

Chapter 8. Provisional Disability Licence (PDL)

Chapter 9. Test or Appraisal or Assessment?

Chapter 10. Are Driving Assessments difficult?

Chapter 11. Legal Requirements – INS 207

Chapter 12. How are DSA Appraisals marked?

Chapter 13. How are DVLA Assessments undertaken?

Chapter 14. Do we always see the full picture?

Chapter 15. Medical Referrals.

Chapter 16. How can I prevent ‘losing’ my licence?

Chapter 17. Developing the skills of the older driver.

Chapter 18. Where should I look for help?

Chapter 19. ADIs giving Advice.

Chapter 20. Questions for ADIs

Chapter 21. Questions for Older Drivers