Driving is Challenging and Important for Older Drivers

My fourth book  addresses how to overcome driving difficulties which may be caused by the ageing process and what Older Drivers and Instructors should know about DSA Appraisals and DVLA Assessments.

I hope it will be of interest to:

  • Drivers who have to take an Appraisal or an Assessment.
  • Driving Instructors who have little experience in this area of work.
  • Examiners who may be required to undertake Appraisals.
  • Sons and Daughters who don’t know where to turn for advice on how to address concerns about their Parents’ driving.
  • Medics and Support Workers whose clients may need help.
  • Those interested in knowing more about the effects of Ageing on driving and how to remain safe.

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There are now 10 million drivers over 60 who are progressively requiring help and yet few ADIs are providing for this need. This book aims to connect Older Drivers who wish to be proactive in continuing to remain safe, with those Specialist ADIs who would like to extend their skills to understand this valuable area of Road Safety which they may not have been previously trained to address.

There has been a recent consolidation in the way the DVLA determines whether drivers are still fit to drive after accident or illness and it can come as a big shock for older experienced drivers to be issued with a Provisional Licence and to find they have to either undertake a DSA Appraisal or a DVLA Assessment. Many give up there and then out of fear, but others know how essential their licence is if they wish to maintain their life style, but without directed-help most struggle immensely.

Unfortunately few instructors are aware of what is required in this re-training and there has been considerable confusion between the different departments involved. As I have specialised in this work for many years, I have tried to unravel the various aspects and have provided suggestions to clarify the issues for both ADIs and Drivers. Many aspects of driving have changed over the years and it is important to keep abreast of new methods and relevant knowledge if the older driver is to have a chance of retaining or regaining their licence.

I hope this book will help instructors to also be more proactive in learning about all the factors involved and in marketing themselves to those who need their services and that the resulting Partnership will make our roads safer. There is absolutely no reason for older drivers to see 70 as the beginning of the end of safe driving, but if they refresh their skills it could instead be a new milestone in their driving experience.